Global Scales and Systems offers products from leading manufacturers. We have a wide selection of weighing scales to suit every need and budget. All of our weighing scales are made from high quality materials and at high quality standard.

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Bench Scales

Concrete Batch Controllers


Counting Scales

Crane Scales

Floor Scales


Hanging Scales


Industrial Automation

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Junction Boxes

Lift Truck/ Pallet Jack Scales

Livestock Solutions

Load Cells

Medical/ Health Scales

Monorail Scales

Onboard Weighing

Pipe Lever Scale

Portable Vehicle Scales

Power Conditioning

Precision Ind. Weighing/ Sartorius

Precision Solutions

Printers/ Scanners

Rail Scales

Remote Displays/ Scoreboards

Retail Scales


Test Weights

Traceability Systems

Truck Scales

Weigh Modules/ Mount Assemblies

For any of your requirements related to the sales, installs, calibrations, repair , data accusation or Measurement Canada Certifications concerning the above categories of products; please contact us for a free consultation visit or a quote.